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International Journal of Smart Home

Volume 11, No. 9, 2017, pp 27-38


Designing of All Terrain Vehicle: BAJA

    Ripudaman Singh Negi and Ashish Kumar
    Mechanical Engineering Department THDC-Institute of Hydropower Engineering & Technology B.PuramTehri, Uttarakhand


    This vehicle adheres to the BAJA SAE Rules and has been designed with best engineering practice. All the designs were made with a focus on manufacturing, durability, safety & performance. The facets of an off-road vehicle, such as chassis, suspension, steering, drive train and braking, all of these are done through design considerations. As the name implies, Baja is designed to sustain a wider variety of terrain & off-road than most other vehicles. Our primary focus is to design a single-sitter high-performance off-road vehicle that will take the ruggedness of rough roads with maximum safety and driver comfort.


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