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International Journal of Smart Home

Volume 11, No. 9, 2017, pp 9-26


Formation of Hydraulic Transient sin Penstocks and Its Impacts on Different Materials

    Rahul Kumar Garg and Arun Kumar
    Alternate Hydro Energy Centre, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Uttarakhand 247667, India


    Hydraulic transients, also referred as water hammer (WH) or pressures surges, is an unsteady flow phenomenon commonly generated In pressurized pipeline systems and hydraulic turbines of the Hydro Power Station (HPS). Significant disturbances in the flow of HPS may cause rapid variations in flow parameters of the fluid system during plant operational conditions such as startup, shutdown, load rejection and acceptances. These disturbances due to the plant operational conditions generate WH, which results undesirable low or high pressures in the penstock. It is normally associated with long penstock, where the pressure wave does not return from the end of the penstock before the closure of valve/turbine fully. Eventually, if not protected rightly, the penstock may rupture and in some cases, loss of human lifemay occurs. In this paper, a review of the available studies summarizing the effect of hydraulic transients on HPS and its effect on different materials of the penstock. Also new available materials for penstock fabrication such as GRP and HDPE compared with traditional penstock fabrication material like Mild Steel and Concrete.


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