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International Journal of Smart Home

Volume 11, No. 9, 2017, pp 1-8


Home automation using IOT application

    Gaurav Panwar, Rajat Maurya, Rajesh Rawat, Rohit Kanswal and Praful Ranjan
    THDC Institute of hydropower Engineering &Technology,Tehri, INDIA


    Home automation is a topic which gaining popularity day by day, because of large advantages. One can achieve home automation by simply connecting home appliance electrical devices to the internet or cloud storage. the reason for this surge demand of network enabled home automation is reaching the zenith in recent days for its simplicity and comparable affordability. Platforms based on cloud computing help to connect to the things surroundings everyone so that one can find it easy to access anything and everything at any time and place in a user friendly manner using custom defined portals. Hence, cloud act as a front end to access IOT. Here we are assuming a system which can control devices through wireless based network or cloud based approach. In project we use IOT based home automation system which goal is to develop a home automation system that gives the user complete control over all remotely controllable aspects of his or her home. The automation system will have ability to be controlled from a central host PC, the internet, and also remotely accessed via a packet PC with a windows mobile based application.


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