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International Journal of Smart Home

Volume 11, No. 8, 2017, pp 9-22


PWM DC-DC Converters Discrete Dynamic Model

    Jun Hee Lee1, Sk.Moulali2 M. Subbarao3
    1Conversing Technology, Hoseo Graduate School of Venture, 70, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
    2Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KL University, Vaddeswaram, Guntur
    3Electrical and Engineering, VFSTR University, Vadlamudi, Guntur


    In this paper the discrete dynamic model of open and closed loop DC-DC PWM Buck and Boost converters discussed. The discrete model, as compared with a continuous one, has the following advantages: it offers more exact voltage and current values in view of their pulsating character, and is more suitable for the analysis of converters with digital control devices. The discrete model is obtained by z-transformations of the basic equations set of the converter over a switching cycle. The presented approach is general and can be applied to any dc-to-dc converter topologies. The theoretical results are confirmed by Simulink simulation results.


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