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International Journal of Smart Home

Volume 11, No. 11, 2017, pp 13-18


Research of Self-feedback E-commerce Site

    Zheqing Tang
    Heilongjiang Polytechni, Heilongjiang, China


    Create a self-feedback e-commerce site. Ability to address heterogeneous network status for clients. Create self-feedback decision system of intelligent decision in real time. The monitor module is added to the system performance parameters in the system, the efficiency of running time of the test system, such as the operation of the user response time test, between the local site and other remote site network delay time test, when the parameters of the operation efficiency of the system is less than a predefined time, determine the cause of the decline in the efficiency of the system, matching adjustment the corresponding strategies from the adjustment strategy of the library, and then according to the module reconfiguration system, complete the adjustment strategy, dynamic adjustment of system structure.


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